A Massive Explosion At A French Carnival Was Caught On Video

Eighteen people were injured in the blast, French media reported.

A bonfire ceremony at a town carnival north of Paris, France, took a horrific turn on Saturday when a huge explosion sent debris hurtling into the crowd.

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The dramatic moment was caught on video by those attending the "Yellow Carnaval" in Villepinte, as terrified people screamed and ran to safety.

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Fire officials told Agence France-Presse that of the 18 people injured, five were hurt seriously, including a child.

"The structure was made of plywood, and when it was illuminated using gasoline, there was a blast," a police official told AFP. "Sparks and pieces of wood were thrown, injuring several people."

A witness told Le Parisien that the person who lit the bonfire was thrown several feet by the blast.

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The newspaper also reported that the town's mayor, Martine Valleton, was among the injured.

"All my thoughts for the victims of this unfortunate accident of @VilleVillepinte," the mayor of the village of Mulhouse tweeted. "Speedy recovery to @martinevalleton."

Town officials said on Facebook that the injured were being cared for, adding that police and the Red Cross were on the scene.

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