After Trump's Comments, Women Are Sharing Stories Of Their First Sexual Assault

"Old man on city bus grabs my 'pussy' and smiles at me, I'm 12."

The Trump campaign was plunged into chaos on Friday after the Washington Post published a video showing Trump making vile comments about women in 2005.

His words immediately spurred reactions online, especially from women who have been victims of sexual assault.

Please RT if you're a woman who's had an intimate body part grabbed without your consent. I'm curious.

Canadian author and blogger Kelly Oxford said the video was evidence of rape culture.

Billy Bush cackling after Donald Trump says "Grab them by the pussy. You can do anything." Is rape culture.

She also asked women on Twitter to share their stories of their first sexual assault.

Women: tweet me your first assaults. they aren't just stats. I'll go first: Old man on city bus grabs my "pussy" and smiles at me, I'm 12.

Women answered the call, opening up about their horrific experiences.

@kellyoxford 11, working at a haunted house. Pinned against the wall/kissed by a boy my age. Dad teases me about my new "bf" all night.

@GynoStar boys in gr9 would grab us all the time. Hard being 14 and knowing it's wrong but wanting to be liked. And if u said no = unpopular

(Note: All the women in this article gave BuzzFeed News permission to feature their stories.)

"This election has really made me become a lot more vocal on issues I care about," Twitter user Ariel Ufret told BuzzFeed News. "I love Kelly Oxford and when I saw her post asking for people to share, that moment popped in my head immediately."

@kellyoxford 17- waitress. Asked to 'settle a gentlemen's bet' re my underwear. Refused to answer; they grabbed my ass to see themselves

"I just feel like it's important to show how common these things are," actress Ginger Gonzaga told BuzzFeed News after telling her story on Twitter.

@kellyoxford old man Disneyland cups my butt and fingers hit vag while I'm in line for ice cream at Disneyland when I was 14

"Women need to feel comfortable sharing, and men need to hear how the females in their lives are affected by these acts," she said. "Acts like Trump's 'pussy grabbing' can last 30 seconds but can have a lifetime of consequences."

Photographer Jessica Zollman told BuzzFeed News she was prepared for some online abuse after tweeting her first sexual assault. But she said it was more important to tell her story.

@kellyoxford neighbor's dad comes by when mom is out of town to "check on me." Tells me I'm very mature. I'm 15. Tries to kiss me; I scream.

"Sharing my story and making sure women know they aren't alone in these experiences is far more important to me," she said.

@aaalisson Took me a while to remember which one of the numerous assaults I’ve experienced was my first, too. This was just 1st physical.

"Many women who posted their stories endured far worse," Paula Simons, a columnist for the Edmonton Journal newspaper, told BuzzFeed News. "I was lucky. I am lucky. I have never experienced a violent sexual assault. I have never been raped."

@kellyoxford Optician fitting me for my 1st contact lenses "drops" one down my blouse, grabs, strokes my breast as he "saves" it. I'm 14.

Jewelry designer and blogger Wendy Brandes said the Trump tapes allowed women like her "a chance to shed light on what women endure every day."

@kellyoxford I was 21 when a guy terrorized me by following me for hours in Rome. I finally confronted him, lucky I didn't get hurt!

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