A Farewell Tribute To Sean Spicer And All His Best/Worst/Spiciest Moments

We'll miss you, Sean! And all your bullshit!

First, dear reader, please light a candle and select one of these three songs as theme music.


1. That time, in his first ever news conference as White House press secretary, he flat out lied about the crowd at Trump's inauguration and then became a meme.

White House @PressSec on the crowd at Trump's inauguration: "This was the largest audience to ever witness an inaug… https://t.co/7glywUgJJm

2. That time he falsely said "studies" supported the president's view that millions of people voted illegally in the election.


3. That time he appeared to use a deadly shooting at a Canadian mosque as justification for Trump’s travel ban on people from majority-Muslim nations.

4. The time he kept referring to a terrorist attack by foreigners in Atlanta (that never happened) as justification for the travel ban.

5. That time he said it was "pathetic" people were questioning a Holocaust Remembrance Day statement that Trump released which failed to mention Jews.

6. That time he got mad at reporters for calling Trump's travel ban a ban, even though Trump himself kept calling it a ban.

Sean Spicer insists it's not a ban, despite Trump using the word. https://t.co/uP97NFRQVd

7. That time he held a closed-door briefing for outlets including Breitbart, but blocked publications like the New York Times, CNN, Politico, the LA Times, and BuzzFeed News.

8. That time he caused a minor diplomatic incident with the United Kingdom, a major ally, by refusing to publicly apologize for claims British spies had surveilled Trump.

9. That time he tried to suggest that the former CAMPAIGN CHAIRMAN of the Trump campaign "played a very limited role" during the election.

.@PressSec w/ what can at the very least be called a false statement: Paul Manafort—Trump's former campaign chair!—… https://t.co/92G3AV9aar

10. That time he condescendingly admonished a prominent black female reporter for shaking her head.


11. That time he said Hitler, who murdered millions in gas chambers during the Holocaust, never used chemical weapons, then had to immediately apologize.

Sean Spicer just claimed that Hitler never used chemical weapons: https://t.co/iXjzTJ5eys

12. That time he doubled down on Trump's claim that an armada was heading to North Korea when actually a US aircraft carrier was headed to Australia.

"The president said we have an armada going toward the [Korean] peninsula. That’s a fact. It happened. It is happen… https://t.co/kdRyJ2Qre0

13. That time he huddled with staff ~among~ bushes outside the White House as reporters scrambled to ask about why Trump had fired FBI Director James Comey.

14. And, of course, that time he had to dress up as the Easter Bunny for an Easter egg roll under President George W. Bush.

#neverforget #WhiteHousebunny @seanspicer

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