Ed Asner Asked A Female Journalist For A Kiss During An Interview About Harvey Weinstein

"You still owe me a kiss," the veteran actor told MSNBC's Chris Jansing at the end of an the interview.

Veteran actor Ed Asner repeatedly asked a female news anchor for a kiss on Wednesday during an MSNBC segment about Hollywood reactions to the Harvey Weinstein sexual assault allegations.

Surreal: Ed Asner is a guest on MSNBC to talk about Hollywood's reaction to Weinstein. He asked the female anchor f… https://t.co/ZbrZxusrw8

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The bizarre moment happened after anchor Chris Jansing introduced Asner to viewers as someone "who helped demonstrate the changing culture of independent women in the workplace for millions of Americans each week" due to his work on The Mary Tyler Moore Show.

"Not even a kiss?" the actor said.

"No, nothing, right?" Jansing replied.

"Oh my god," Asner said.

As Jansing questioned Asner on his views on the Weinstein saga, the actor replied, "I think the offenders have to be punished. I'm sure I've been guilty at times of using my overpowering masculinity to beg for kisses. I did when I opened this the conversation with you, but I know better than to push it, and Harvey Weinstein, I guess, didn't know when to stop."

"I've been guilty at times of using my overpowering masculinity to beg for kisses like I did when I opened with the… https://t.co/hc1rLP4oDN

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"There's a lot of that droll humor in this book," Jansing replied, transitioning to the topic of Asner's new book.

At the end of the interview, Jansing thanked the actor for his time, to which he replied, "You still owe me a kiss."

At the end of his interview about Weinstein & other topics, Asner tells Chris Jansing, "You still owe me a kiss."

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"Ok, you're going to get yourself in trouble and with good reason," Jansing said after laughing.

"No, no, no. I'm not a job procurer," Asner replied.

An MSNBC spokesperson didn't immediately have a comment, but some of the network's producers tweeted about Asner's comments.

I am in actual shock. The entire newsroom is in actual shock. @ChrisJansing https://t.co/MI9Nuez9rb

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Ed Asner came to share his thoughts on the Harvey Weinstein scandal and immediately asked @ChrisJansing for a kiss. https://t.co/qoOwjwaaKK

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Viewers watching the interview also took to Twitter to express their anger at Asner's behavior.

What the hell did I just watch? Ed Asner asking the anchor for a kiss on MSNBC before a discussion on Weinstein? This is NOT a joke!!!

@KristenKeogh / Via Twitter: @KristenKeogh

Ed Asner is there for his book and to talk about Weinstein and ask @ChrisJansing for a kiss twice

@dvluvmsusa1 / Via Twitter: @dvluvmsusa1

Wow @ChrisJansing. You just proved that Hollywood is filled with dirty old men like Ed Asner! Did he get a kiss since he's not a "procurer"

@toe2ner / Via Twitter: @toe2ner

@MSNBC the request for a kiss from ed asner is exactly the type of sexism that leads to Weinstein behavior. Not funny.

@dianalynk / Via Twitter: @dianalynk

Others found the moment very awkward or confusing.

Well, that was awkward. Ed Asner seemingly - ironically? - asking for a kiss from @ChrisJansing on @MSNBC

@MonicaNocciola / Via Twitter: @MonicaNocciola

How does Ed Asner go on @MSNBC to discuss sexual harassment and open the interview by asking @ChrisJansing for a ki… https://t.co/GCuiD71Mkg

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But some said Asner was simply joking around.

Lol. I see what u did right there Ed Asner! "Not even a kiss?" @MSNBC

@BridgesLMT / Via Twitter: @BridgesLMT

Comedy actor makes comedy... internetter so confused... https://t.co/8QjzaS5msS

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Asked about the comment, a representative for Asner would only say: "Ed enjoys speaking to MSNBC anchors and all other network anchors."

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