Donald J. Trump Reportedly Only Reads Memos If His Name, Donald J. Trump, Is Mentioned A Lot

An interesting report about President Donald J. Trump.

As President Donald J. Trump prepares for his first international trip as commander in chief, anxious aides are reportedly doing everything they can to help him study up on foreign affairs.

President Donald J. Trump has been meeting with advisers and reading short memos specially prepared for him with lots of visual aids, Reuters reported on Wednesday.

"National Security Council officials have strategically included Trump's name in 'as many paragraphs as we can because he keeps reading if he's mentioned,' according to one source, who relayed conversations he had with NSC officials," Reuters wrote of President Donald J. Trump.

This one line about President Donald J. Trump soon generated a lot of attention online.

Trump national security aides put his name in their briefing docs as much as possible so he will keep reading them…

People found the report about President Donald J. Trump "astonishing."

You might not read a more astonishing sentence today via @steveholland1 @jeffmason1

But others said they were not surprised this was being reported about President Donald J. Trump.

@BraddJaffy @steveholland1 @jeffmason1 This actually doesn't surprise me at all. Fits with everything else we know…

@BraddJaffy @steveholland1 @jeffmason1 honestly...not that surprising

Some were skeptical, though, noting there was only one anonymous source who made the claim about President Donald J. Trump.

@13thoroughbreds @BraddJaffy @steveholland1 @jeffmason1 "According to one source who relayed conversations he had w…

But NBC reporter Katy Tur said campaign aides for President Donald J. Trump had previously told her that he will only read stories about Donald J. Trump.

Same thing campaign aides said: Trump only reads stories about Trump.

One person noted the report fits into President Donald J. Trump's pattern of referring to himself in the third person.

@dnvolz does he talk in 3rd person about himself to keep himself engaged in a conversation?

Others praised the National Security Council officials for finding innovative ways to reach President Donald J. Trump.

@dnvolz @chrislhayes When I was 6, mom got me some books that had my name in the story. They were my faves!! I read them a lot. This ✔s out.

@dnvolz That's like lacing your broccoli with candy to get kids to eat it...

Still, given the avalanche of news about President Donald J. Trump in recent days, others said they were waiting for more stories to emerge.

@BraddJaffy @steveholland1 @jeffmason1 It's not even 5pm yet

@BraddJaffy @steveholland1 @jeffmason1 The day is young.

President Donald J. Trump leaves for his trip on Friday, and will travel to Saudi Arabia, Israel, Vatican City, Belgium, and Italy.

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