People Are Rushing To Buy El Chapo's Flamboyant Shirts

Look out, Fashion Police.

A few days back, investigative reporter/actor Sean Penn stunned as all when he revealed he'd scored an interview with Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán for Rolling Stone prior to the Mexican drug lord's capture.

The photo evidence released of Penn in super serious reporter mode shaking El Chapo's hand was amazing in itself, but not quite as incredible as the festive shirt the gangster was wearing.

The brand behind the rather loud button-down is Barabas, a Los Angeles-based mens retailer known for its distinctive shirts.

Barabas is now seeing a surge in sales of the El Chapo shirt, a store manager told TMZ, and the company is now promoting the criminal connection on its website.

Sandra Mancia, a store manager in downtown L.A., told BuzzFeed News the shirts are selling like crazy.

"People are calling every minute," she said, estimating more than a thousand had been sold or ordered.

The company's website also crashed on Tuesday amid a flurry of visitors to the Barabas site.

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El Chapo seems to be a fan of the brand, too: he has also worn this "Crazy Paisley" shirt, described as "definitely one to wear on a night on the town."

Let's hope El Chapo looks equally as vibrant in his orange prison shirt.

Edgard Garrido / Reuters