Beyoncé's New Song Just Dropped And It's AMAZING


Beyoncé on Saturday surprised us all AGAIN by dropping her new song, "Formation," without giving us any warning AGAIN.

The song debuted on Tidal but Queen B also released the music video on YouTube for the rest of us to bask in.

View this video on YouTube

In the Southern Gothic-inspired video, Yoncé sits atop a cop car in flooded New Orleans and sings, "My Daddy, Alabama; Momma, Louisiana; You mix that negro with that creole make a Texas bama."

Bey yet again declares her dominance and spits verses with a Texas trill vibe, throwing up a Houston Third Ward sign and rocking long braids while poking her head out of a swerving El Camino.

The video clip also references the Black Lives Matter protest movement, with a young boy facing off against a group of riot police with their hands in the air. In the next frame, graffiti reading "Stop Shooting Us" is scrawled on a wall.

At one point, the camera cuts to little Blue Ivy Carter, bopping to the beat with a flawless smile.

Solange approves.

Y'all gonna learn bout dem children of Celestine & Mathew, lol. Slay sis, slay✊🏾 And Slay niece, slay 👼🏾

If Sunday's Super Bowl half time show is just Beyoncé reenacting this entire clip, we'll be QUITE HAPPY INDEED.

You can download the song on Tidal here.