Arkansas Woman Arrested On Drug Charges After Plea To Save Cats From House Fire

Officers went into the burning house looking for the animals, but allegedly found drugs instead.

An Arkansas woman was arrested Saturday on drug charges after pleading with officers to enter her burning home to rescue her cats, officials told BuzzFeed News.

Alice Mildred Barron, 52, begged two deputies from the Greene County Sheriff's Office to enter her home in the northeastern city of Paragould to "save her babies" from a house fire.

"After getting the female to calm down and tell us where her babies were, she stated that she had three cats in the house inside her bedroom and they were her babies," Deputy Mike Wess wrote in his incident report.

After the fire was extinguished, Wess and his partner went into the house to search for the cats.

"While inside the bedroom we noticed some drug paraphernalia at the right side of the bed and several items scattered across the bed," Wess wrote, alleging meth was among the items discovered.

Barron was then taken to the local jail, where she remains in custody, Deputy Chief Rick Mellow told BuzzFeed News.

She has been charged with possession of methamphetamine and possession of drug paraphernalia, Mellow added.

Wess wrote that Barron told him she had been out on bond for drug charges.

"Ms. Barron then stated that she had been clean for over 10 years and she didn't know why she started back using meth," Wess wrote.

Barron's cats survived the fire.

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