These Pics Of Angela Merkel Covered In Birds Are Now A Meme And It's Sehr Gut

"Instagram vs. Twitter."

 Angela Merkel poses for a photo with a man at a market

Angela Merkel was on the campaign trail on Friday, two days before Germans head to the polls to elect a new parliament and thus her replacement.

The 67-year-old is retiring after almost 16 years as German chancellor, but she is still out campaigning for her center-right Christian Democratic Union party.

On Friday, she made a surprise visit to the northern state of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, where she visited a bird park in the town of Marlow.

There, while holding some bird feed, she posed with some colorful Australian rainbow lorikeets.

Merkel smiles as six colorful birds eat birdseed from cups she is holding and one perches on her head

Things... quickly went south.

Merkel screams in agony as the birds swamp her and bite her hands

When the overzealous birds nipped at her hands, Merkel let out a screech that was captured by Georg Wendt, a photographer with the DPA news agency.

The incredible pictures soon went viral.

Merkel visited a bird zoo today and the photos are everything. This isn't photoshop, it actually happened

Twitter: @marceldirsus

I feel like Angela Merkel, photographed today in Germany with Australian lorikeets, is embodying the week we’ve all had.

Twitter: @michellegriff

People found the photos to be instantly meme-worthy.

@marceldirsus 1.Instagram 2.Twitter

Twitter: @0721_gg


Twitter: @OhNo_v3

Me sowing, me reaping.

Twitter: @fionalongmuir
Twitter: @kath_krueger

And many comparisons were made...

Angela Merkel at a bird sanctuary giving me Home Alone 2 Pigeon Lady vibes

Twitter: @shash_____

Damn they recast Harley Quinn already?????

Twitter: @actualprincecas

somewhere Tippi Hedren is like “girl I tried to tell y’all”

Twitter: @goldengateblond

Enjoy retirement, chancellor, and thanks for this final gift on the way out.

Please do NOT share pictures of the Chancellor of Germany covered in birds, Chancellors of Germany only do this when they are VERY DISTRESSED

Twitter: @zunguzungu
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