8 Things Trump Can Legally Do As President

The president says he has the "absolute right" to share classified information with the Russians under the law. So, let's see what else he could do!

1. Pardon a bunch of serial killers.

2. Nominate Gary Busey to be the next Supreme Court justice.

3. Send a message to every phone in the country.

4. Take a selfie from inside Area 51.

5. Deliver a State of the Union address that is just a Post-It note with the words "We good" scribbled on it.

6. Issue a proclamation declaring June "Don't You Just Hate Rosie O'Donnell Month."

7. Launch a nuclear strike against, I don't know, let's say Toronto or something.

8. Spill top-secret information to Russian diplomats.

NOTE: We asked some very patient experts in presidential powers for help in compiling this list.

Professor Jon D. Michaels at UCLA's law school noted that while these actions could technically be legal, they could still be used as the basis for impeachment proceedings in congress, which would be driven by political considerations.

"Impeachment has a judicial characteristic, but it's largely political," he said. "The definition of high crimes and misdemeanors would be defined by Congress."

Steven Aftergood, the director of the project on government secrecy at the Federation of American Scientists, said, "At some point the other components of our system of government are supposed to kick in, and block, defund, outlaw, impeach or otherwise restrain the president."

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