A Giant Minion Caused A Traffic Accident In Ireland

And so it begins.

A giant, inflatable Minion came detached from its moorings in Dublin on Monday, blowing into oncoming traffic and causing an accident.

A giant inflatable Minion flew loose and caused traffic havoc in Santry this afternoon: http://t.co/IjQ5TDdJpC

In a moment of chaos that would make any despicable Minion proud, the 33-foot high inflatable tumbled onto a busy road and clipped a car, knocking off a rearview mirror, the Journal reported.

Thankfully, no-one was hurt when a giant Minion flew across the road in Santry, north Dublin: http://t.co/IjQ5TDdJpC

According to the Irish Times, the Minion was on display to advertise a local fair when it blew away "during a particularly windy spell."

There's a giant minion in Omni.. Hell really is a place on earth

Dublin City Councillor Paul McAuliffe said that breach of health and safety regulations was...despicable.

Escaped Minion at Omni in Santry may seem hilarious but its a dispicable breach of health & safety @DubCityCouncil

“I don’t want to sound like a killjoy, but if that had landed on a cyclist, for instance, it could have been serious,” he told the Irish Times.

“If you take the Minion part of it out, if this was a large inflatable weather balloon that had not been properly tethered, there would be no humour in this story at all.”

McAuliffe told the newspaper he had referred the incident to the City Council’s planning enforcement department to investigate if the fair was following planning measures, as well as health and safety regulations.