Here's What It's Like To Work At Amazon

“They’re killing people mentally and physically. They just push, push, push.” (An excerpt from Billionaires: The Lives of the Rich and Powerful.)

From Billionaires: The Lives of the Rich and Powerful. Copyright Darryl Cunningham, courtesy Drawn & Quarterly.

Available in the UK as Billionaires © Myriad Editions

Darryl Cunningham is the cartoonist of five non-fiction books, including Billionaires: The Lives of the Rich and Powerful, which profiles Jeff Bezos, Rupert Murdoch, and the Koch Brothers in a “witty and brutal critique of capitalism and corruption” (Publishers Weekly). His comics explore subjects as diverse as mental health, science, economics, and politics. Cunningham has given talks at the London School of Economics and the City of Arts and Lights, Valencia. In 2015 he was one of 30 world-renowned photographers, painters, sculptors, writers, filmmakers and musicians who were invited to contribute to the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation’s Art of Saving a Life project, to promote vaccination in the developing world. In 2018 he was awarded an Honorary Degree of Master of Arts from Leeds Arts University. Cunningham lives in the United Kingdom.

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