RNC Begins Airing Trump-Free Ad Aimed At Black Voters: "Vote Republican"

The ad showcases a more positive tone for black voters from the committee than Donald Trump has to date. "We have a chance to put our futures back into our own hands," a female narrator says.

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The Republican National Committee this week is launching TV, print, and digital ad buy aimed at black voters that features a more positive vision of America today for black people.

An RNC official said the total ad buy with black media was in the “roughly six figures."

The ad was designed in house at the RNC, and offers a more positive outlook on the black community than the party's nominee, Donald Trump, often gives.

At the RNC, the ad is seen as part of Reince Priebus’ legacy of investing in black engagement — something often discussed as his legacy before the nomination of Trump.

The ad was produced in house by engagement staff with input from black GOP advisory councils. “Many of the people in the ad are black Republicans and graduates of the Republican Leadership Institute — a program dedicated to recruiting new generation of black operatives to work for the GOP in communities of color,” an official said.

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