Black Lives Matter Protesters Disrupt Clinton Campaign Event In Atlanta

Hillary Clinton is expected to unveil the first parts of her criminal justice agenda at Clark Atlanta University.

After being introduced by Rep. John Lewis, Clinton began her speech on Friday in Atlanta — before protesters began chanting.

Protesters have interrupted Clinton's speech chanting Black Lives Matter and "The hell you talmbout?"

Clinton kept trying to talk even as the protest continued.

Protest at Hillary Clinton delivers her speech.

Fists raised, protesters chant "It is out duty to fight for our freedom! We have nothing to lose but our chains." Clinton goes on.

Then competing chants started:

Crowd chants for Hillary and John Lewis and Kasim Reed join her on stage. Surreal scene at Clark Atlanta.

Ultimately, the protesters were taken outside.

Students shout "let her talk!" and then the protesters, arm-in-arm, were taken out of the gym.

And Clinton returned back to her speech, arguing that she was talking about the things that the protesters wanted to hear.

HRC says it was a shame the protesters weren't listening because "some of what they are demanding" she is proposing to fix and gets back.

When Kasim Reed and John Lewis stood behind Hillary during the protest, Clinton thanked both "for having my back."

The protesters, part of the #AUCShutItDown coalition made up of members of the Atlanta University Center, tweeted out this statement before the demonstration started, with the hashtags #Hillary4Who and #AUCShutItDown.

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