Your Annotated Guide To The Questionable Facts And Figures In Trump's Document Axing The Clean Power Plan

Here’s a look under the fuming hood of EPA’s bid to kill climate regulations on power plants.

The Environmental Protection Agency on Tuesday submitted a proposed repeal of the Clean Power Plan, Obama’s signature rule to limit greenhouse gas emissions from power plants.

The proposed rule was submitted to the Federal Register, which tracks proposed rule changes from federal agencies. It is a revealing document, largely devoted to legal arguments over just how much the EPA can regulate — only smokestacks, or entire energy systems — to cut pollution.

The first 10 pages or so are a preamble largely laying out the background of the rule, and taking up EPA chief Scott Pruitt’s central beef with the plan: It forces states to make pollution cuts above and beyond improvements at individual power plants.

Here’s your guide to reading the most interesting parts of the text.

"...well-grounded in the law"

Page 14

"...jurisdiction of another federal agency"

Page 15

"...system of emission reduction"

Page 17

"Generation shifting..."

Page 30

"...3 percent and 7 percent"

Page 32

"Excluded from..."

Page 35

"Lepeule et al. (2012)..."

Page 37


Page 39

"To the extent feasible..."

Page 40

Read the full document:

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