25 New And Upcoming LGBTQ Romance Novels You’ve Got To Read

No matter the season, the perfect queer romance novel is just a click away!

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Sorry, Bro by Taleen Voskuni

This gorgeous sapphic romance between two Armenian women positively brims with love for and pride in their culture and history. When Nareh rejects her boyfriend’s proposal, she decides it’s time to find someone she can see herself sharing a life with. But when her spousal hunt through a month of Armenian cultural events leads her to a fiery woman named Erebuni who is definitely not mom-approved, Nareh has to choose between the life she wants and the life everyone else expects her to live. Voskuni’s debut has wit and chemistry on lock.

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Behind the Scenes by Karelia Stetz-Waters

Having been burned hard in the past, former filmmaker Ash is done looking for love. Unfortunately, she just may have found it anyway in business consultant Rose. There’s no avoiding the gorgeous woman — not if she wants to get her last chance at returning to the film world financed. But is Ash just setting herself up for heartbreak again, or is there potential for happily ever after? 

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For Her Consideration by Amy Spalding (Feb. 21)

YA author Spalding turns her talents to Hollywood in her first adult romance, about a once-aspiring scriptwriter named Nina who’s been playing it safe for the past three years since having her heart shattered. But her old dream rears its head when hot (and publicly out) actor Ari Fox comes calling on Nina’s talent agency. Now Nina’s got two terrifying prospects on the line: picking up the passion she’s forced herself to give up and finding a new one with a woman who has the power to destroy her all over again. 

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The Secret Lives of Country Gentlemen by KJ Charles (March 27)

Two men get a reunion no one asked for in gay historical romance legend Charles’s newest. When Sir Gareth Inglis inherits the family estate, he inherits a whole bunch of problems to go with it, including the loathsome Doomsday smuggling clan. But punishing them does no good, because the brother of the accused is none other than Joss Doomsday, the man with whom he had a clandestine affair, and he’s not above using blackmail to keep his family safe. Even as they butt heads, it’s clear the chemistry is still there, but can there be anything between a thief and a baronet, or are they headed for disaster? Good news for you if you fall in love with this one — the second Doomsday book, A Nobleman’s Guide to Seducing a Scoundrel, releases just six months later.

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Something Wild & Wonderful by Anita Kelly (March 7)

Neither Ben nor Alexei embarked on a hike of the Pacific Crest Trail with romance on the brain, but when they keep bumping into each other on the journey, they have to wonder if there’s something that keeps bringing them back together. And despite Ben’s terrible track record with men, he can’t help feeling like Lex could be the antidote. But is love found in the wild destined to stay there?

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Something Spectacular by Alexis Hall (April 11)

Following up last year’s Something Fabulous, the prolific Hall returns to the Regency era as nonconforming Peggy struggles to recover from a breakup with her last love, Belle. Even now that they’re over, Peggy can’t help trying to make Belle happy, so when her ex asks her to help her land opera singer Orfeo, Peggy reluctantly does her best…only to fall for the castrato herself.

Hall’s got even more coming up later in the year. Keep an eye out for sapphic historical fantasy Mortal Follies (June 6) and gay contemporary rom-com 10 Things That Never Happened (Oct. 17).

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The Fiancée Farce by Alexandria Bellefleur (April 18)

Bellefleur’s first book outside her wildly popular Written in the Stars series treats readers to a glorious trope mashup of fake dating and marriage of convenience, set in the world of books. When bookseller Tansy makes up girlfriend “Gemma” in order to get her family off her back about dating, she never imagines that she’ll run into the real-life cover model from whom she stole her inspiration. But it’s actually the perfect situation, as Gemma’s set to inherit her family’s publishing business if she fulfills the requirement of getting married first. Of course, fake feelings become real, family drama turns into a real-life nightmare, and Tansy and Gemma soon find they have far more riding on their fauxmance than they could’ve seen coming.

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Sizzle Reel by Carlyn Greenwald (April 18)

Life isn’t exactly as Luna envisioned it would be at 24. She’s assisting a talent manager, when she really wants to be a cinematographer, and she’s just come out, but can’t stop questioning whether she really counts as bi since she’s still a virgin (if she even is — jury’s still out). Then she meets A-list actor Valeria Sullivan, and it seems like all her prayers have been answered: She’s got a hot new girlfriend and a new career track. But things still aren’t clicking, especially with her best friend, Romy, drifting further away the closer Luna and Valeria get. Meshing insidery Hollywood fun with an unapologetically messy journey of self-discovery and romance, Greenwald delivers the perfect poolside read. 

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Just as You Are by Camille Kellogg (April 25)

When the queer magazine at which Liz works is saved from folding by a pair of wealthy lesbians, she knows she should be grateful. It’s just that Daria is making it so damn hard, turning the once-fun work environment into a snobby, penny-pinching endeavor that’s pushing Liz to the edge. Then she’s forced to spend more time with her new boss, and as Liz gets to know her, she goes from finding her intolerable to finding her irresistible. But how much can Liz trust a woman who holds her career in her hands?

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Best Men by Sidney Karger (May 2)

Max loves his best friend, Paige, but it’s definitely a shock when she announces she’s getting married to nice guy Austin. Still he’s happy to stand up there as her man of honor, especially when he meets Austin’s younger brother, Chasten, who’s problematically hot and a major distraction from the festivities. Quiet Midwesterner Max and outgoing east coaster Chasten don’t have much in common, but they definitely share one thing: chemistry that may or may not have terrible timing.

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The Scandalous Letters of V and J by Felicia Davin (May 16)

This epistolary historical fantasy romance between two nonbinary leads pulls readers back to 1823 Paris, where Victor Beauchêne has been cut off from his family’s fortune and heads off for a new life with his spinster aunt at a boarding house. There, he meets Julien, aka Julie, who’s come to Paris to seek success in the art world and whose art also wields magic, including the ability to transform their body. The two cautious souls begin a tenuous and secretive correspondence of note-passing that quickly burns into physical desire. But with Julie aiming to pull away from magic and Victor seeking to find it, the two have much to work out if they’re to have a future, especially when danger from Julie’s past comes calling.

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Love at First Set by Jennifer Dugan (May 23)

Dugan’s written some of YA’s most popular queer YA romances, so it’s a delight to see her shifting to adult rom-coms and writing the most hilarious disaster bisexuals you’ll ever meet. Lizzie’s happy to be managing the front desk at her gym (and working alongside James, her best friend, who also happens to be the son of the odious owners), but she dreams of starting her own someday which James uses to convince her to be his date at his sister Cara’s wedding. When she accidentally talks the (gorgeous) bride into jilting her fiancé, James begs her to help pick up the pieces and keep Cara busy. But Lizzie is having way too much fun at Cara’s side, even as her professional future looks increasingly bleak. Is there any way to have it all? Or is Lizzie, as she suspects, the kind of girl who was never meant to get a happy ending?

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That Summer Feeling by Bridget Morrissey (May 30)

Garland desperately needs a fresh start after being served divorce papers by her husband on Valentine’s Day, and an invitation to an adults-only summer camp seems like the perfect place to get it. Enter Mason, a blast from her past who feels like a sign it’s time for Garland to open her heart again. But Mason isn’t the one giving her butterflies, cracking her up, and generally making the summer a dream come true. No, that would be Mason’s sister, Stevie, and Garland would really like to know what that means…

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Chef’s Choice by TJ Alexander (May 30)

In this T4T followup to Chef’s Kiss, Jean-Pierre needs a girlfriend in order to inherit his grandfather’s culinary empire. Luna needs a paycheck, now that she’s been fired from her office job. Together, they’ll both need to learn how to cook some seriously impressive food from his family’s recipe collection in order to prove that he’s the ideal heir. That Luna doesn’t know how to cook — and that she’s falling for Jean-Pierre — are just little speedbumps that aren’t going to get in her way…right?

And that’s not all Alexander’s got cooking this year: for a second-chance trans m/m romance, check out Second Chances in New Port Stephen (Dec. 5).

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All the Right Notes by Dominic Lim (June 6)

Quito Cruz is a master at the piano, but his skills aren’t going to be enough to save him if he can’t find some inspiration, fast. And he does know exactly what inspires him, or at least who once did: Emmett Aoki, college one-night stand turned Hollywood celebrity. When Quito’s dad convinces him to put on a hometown charity performance and Emmett gets roped in as well, Quito will have one last chance to see if they really do make beautiful music together.

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We Could Be So Good by Cat Sebastian (June 6)

Seeing Andy slide in at the top of the newsroom that Nick’s clawed his way into is infuriating, and he’s determined to hate the boss’s son. But Andy is maddeningly adorable, and Nick can’t help wanting to see him thrive as much as possible. He doesn’t dare hope that their increasing closeness means anything romantic — being gay in 1950s Chicago, he knows the odds of him finding lasting happiness with a partner are beyond slim. Then the spark between them grows too undeniable to ignore, giving way to something loving and real they must protect at all costs. This historical romance is billed as being “for Newsies shippers,” and it absolutely delivers.

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The Gay Best Friend by Nicolas DiDomizio (June 6)

When Dom’s two best friends get married, it’s a serious push and pull to make both of them happy without losing his mind…and himself. He’s used to code-switching between hyperfeminine with the bride and hypermasculine with the groom, but fresh off his own breakup, and with wedding events in the mix, things have never felt so fraught. Then the bachelor party begins, miring Dom in secrets, debauchery, and a surprising connection with another of the guests. By the time he returns for the bachelorette party, Dom might break under the pressure of keeping both his friends happy. But what if, for once, he actually put himself first? 

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Can’t Let Her Go by Kianna Alexander (June 20)

Peaches and Jamie are part of the same friend group, which means acting on their mutual attraction isn’t without its potential for blowing up both of their social lives. Add that to the fact that they’ve got plans on the horizon for the future that don’t coincide, and it seems like it might be the wrong time and place. But does their growing chemistry care about logistics, or can they make it work?

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Sammy Espinoza’s Last Review by Tehlor Kay Mejia (July 18)

Sammy’s on seriously thin ice at work, and her last-ditch attempt to get back her ex-girlfriend decidedly didn’t help. She’s only got one chance left to keep her column, and she’s gonna have to pull out all the stops. In this case, that means reaching out to Max Ryan, the onetime rock star who’s supposedly getting back in the game…and with whom Sammy had a seriously hot night right before he got famous. Sure, he ghosted her afterward, but all the more reason for her to track him down — revenge and a career boost? Hell, yeah. There’s really only one downside: Max lives in the same town as the family Sammy never really planned to see again. 

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In the Case of Heartbreak by Courtney Kae (July 25)

Baker Ben is finally ready to make some moves to dig himself out of his rut and get his life started, which means buying his family out of the business and asking out Adam, the musician he’s been crushing on forever. But his plans to make his move fly out the window when he has to rush to his grandmother’s 80th birthday party down on the beach. Or do they? Turns out, Grandma’s hired Adam to be the party’s entertainment, and Ben may have his chance after all — if he decides to take it.

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From Cold World, With Love by Alicia Thompson (Aug. 1)

Cold World may not be Disney, but it’s a beloved Orlando destination all the same, and it sure is a fun place to work. Two of its employees are staid bookkeeper Lauren and Asa, a bi guy determined to maximize the fun in his day by any means necessary. When the two find themselves in competition over suggesting the best revenue-raising event for the park, they get to know each other a whole lot better and find that opposites attract in a big way. 

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New Adult by Timothy Janovsky (Aug. 15)

What would 13 Going on 30 look like in the hands of the author who brought you last year’s delightful rom-coms Never Been Kissed and You’re a Mean One, Matthew Prince? That’s the question behind Janovsky’s newest, in which 23-year-old Nolan falls out with his friends and family after choosing a career opportunity over his sister’s wedding and makes a wish to skip to “the good part” of life. The wish takes hold and finds him every bit as successful a comedian as he’s ever dreamed of being. But he’s completely cut off from all his old loved ones, including his best friend, Drew, who was supposed to be his wedding date. Turns out, Drew’s also aged up reallllly nicely, and now Nolan will have to do everything in his power to get back to the life he turned his back on. 

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A Shot in the Dark by Victoria Lee (Sept. 5)

Ely Cohen, now sober, returns to Brooklyn a decade after being shunned by her community for an unmissable opportunity to study under photography legend Wyatt Cole. But first, a one-night stand in celebration with the hot guy from the queer club…who, she learns upon arriving at her first class, was none other than Wyatt himself. It’s a cruel blow for a lonely pair; he too is sober, following being outed as trans and subsequently discharged from the military and disowned by his family. The two of them understand each other like no one else can, and the chemistry between them is next-level. But their passion for their art can’t be denied either, and being together would put everything they’ve worked so hard for at risk. 

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Cleat Cute by Meryl Wilsner (Sept. 19)

When Wilsner seamlessly jumped from slow-burn Hollywood to smoking hot MILFs, it definitely left us wondering what could possibly be next. Happily, the answer is this sapphic soccer romance starring two teammates getting a little distracted en route to the World Cup. When Grace is benched with an injury and Phoebe brought in to take her place, they find there’s more than one position they’re interested in sharing. But Grace is trying to get back on the field in time for the biggest game of all, leaving them to figure out if there’s room for both them and their feelings on the field. 

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Iris Kelly Doesn’t Date by Ashley Herring Blake (Oct. 24)

It seems impossible that Blake’s only been publishing adult F/F romance for a year, with both Delilah Green Doesn’t Care and Astrid Parker Doesn’t Fail quickly becoming queer romance staples. Here Blake rounds out the trio with Iris finally taking center stage, drowning in her singlehood while everyone else in her life thrives on romantic bliss. It’s almost cruel that Iris has an amazing new career writing romance novels, of all things. But when second book syndrome hits her hard after realizing she used up all her romantic energy on her debut, she auditions for a local play…and ends up face-to-face with a recent awful one-night stand, Stevie. To make matters weirder, Stevie asks Iris to pretend to be her girlfriend, and Iris, desperate for some romantic inspiration, agrees. But now that things are finally clicking between them, can they turn it into something real?

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