People Trolled The Hell Out Of James O'Keefe After He Asked Them To Report Voter Fraud

"A bus from the state prison showed up and all the prisoners were allowed to cut in line and vote three times."

Conservative activist filmmaker James O'Keefe is on the hunt for voter fraud today. For example, he's been tailing a bus full of people being driven to a polling station. Now, that's a completely legal thing to do, but O'Keefe is there just in case.

In Philadelphia tailing a pastor's bus that's bussing people to the polls. #VeritasIsEverywhere & we will catch you…

O'Keefe also asked people to fill out a form on his website to report any incidents of voter fraud.

Submit your #VoterFraud tips to @JamesOKeefeIII @Project_Veritas here: #VeritasIsEverywhere #VoterID #ElectionFraud

And oh boy did Twitter come through...

This guy asked people to "Do something productive today and troll this." He kicked things off by filing a report about a Democratic precinct captain bussing in loads of "illegals" to, well, maybe you can guess... @Project_Veritas @JamesOKeefeIII

What followed was an epic thread of people tweeting screenshots of their reports.

This Hamilton reference was 👌

@virgiltexas @Project_Veritas @JamesOKeefeIII

Some people used the form to ask important voting questions: "How did CRASH win Best Picture?"

@virgiltexas I finally summoned the courage to come forward about this. Thank you, @Project_Veritas for giving us a…

"I seem to be trapped in the elevator at my local Applebee's Family Restaurant. Please send help."

@virgiltexas doing my part to maintain the integrity of the ballot

"The election officials forced me to give them my Hulu password."

@virgiltexas @theseantcollins Voter fraud can really happen anywhere

This person's son was rudely intimidated at a polling station by "a ginger man riding a unicycle and juggling what appeared to be sex toy's [sic] in an effort to keep patriots away from the polls."

@willmenaker @Project_Veritas @JamesOKeefeIII you can't see the attachment but i uploaded Goatse

"A bus from the state prison showed up and all the prisoners were allowed to cut in line and vote three times."

@virgiltexas @Project_Veritas @JamesOKeefeIII

Yes, there were Harambe references.

"This poll worker was asking people if a hot dog was a sandwich and only if you answered yes were you allowed to get the voter authorization form."

This person complained that Milo Yiannopoulos wasn't even on the ballot!

@virgiltexas well since you insisted

"There were Democrats in the polling booth making babies and I saw one of the babies and the baby looked at me and also the baby voted."

Baby voting: definitely a trend this year.

"I went to my voting place this morning but liberals had parked 14 Priuses end to end. I tried to climb over them but they covered them in avocado oil. When I slipped, my pants fell off and I was naked and the liberals were laughing at me."

"They wouldn't let my gun vote."

This person filed a report about "three creepy men tailing a bus full of voters."


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