These Photos Do Not Show "Illegals" Being Arrested At Polling Stations

Old photos of Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents are being used to spread false claims about arrests for voter fraud.

Fake news sites and trolls on Twitter have been spreading false claims that Immigration and Customs Enforcement have been arresting undocumented immigrants for trying to vote illegally. Here are the misleading images to watch out for.

A Twitter user posted this photo on Election Day and claimed it shows an ICE officer arresting someone for trying to vote illegally. That's false.

@Stevenwhirsch99 / Twitter / Via Twitter: @Stevenwhirsch99

Another false use of the image is this story from a fake news website.

Christian Times Newspaper / Via

The image has been online since at least 2015, and can be downloaded from Wikimedia Commons. No undocumented immigrants have been arrested today for trying to vote illegally.

Wikimedia Commons / Via

That same photo was previously used to create a Photoshopped image claiming that someone had been arrested by ICE during early voting. Once again, false.

I've just got word that an illegal trying to vote has been arrested. ICE is watching voting places closely! Thank…

A hoax website published this story back in November, but it's getting traction again today. This photo has nothing to do with the election.

The Last Line of Defense / Via

The image has been used in countless articles this year alone, as a Google image search will show. If you see it being shared in relation to the election, it's false.

This is another image being used to make false claims. It's been online since at least 2007.

Another arrest made on an illegal alien trying to vote here in San Antonio. Be on the lookout!

Here's another old image being recirculated as if it's from election day. Twitter user @webradius showed that's from an old report by Fox News Latino.

@webradius / Twitter / Via Twitter: @webradius

Also keep an eye out for this image. It's been online for at least three years, but is being tweeted today to suggest it's current.

#ElectionFraud NEWS @JaredWyand: #ICE Agents Deploy To #Poll Stations To Arrest Anyone Who Tries To #Vote Illegally:

Keep in mind that it's easy for someone to search on Google images for images of ICE officers arresting people and then to use that to spin a false story.

Google / Via

So if you see a claim about an undocumented person being arrested for voter fraud, check the source carefully and see if there is an official statement from ICE.

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