No, Poll Workers In Nevada Did Not Wear "Defeat Trump" Shirts On Election Day

The footage is from a union event several days earlier.

Trump supporters on Twitter and some right-wing blogs are spreading a false claim that poll workers in Nevada wore "Defeat Trump" shirts while working on Election Day.

This noted Trump/alt-right Twitter account shared a screenshot from a CNN broadcast and claimed the workers were breaking the law with a partisan statement:

Right-wing blog Gateway Pundit picked up that tweet and ran with the story.

But that image/footage was not shot on Election Day. CNN national correspondent Kyung Lah is the reporter who worked on the segment in question. She said it was shot on Friday, Nov. 4, at a union hall.

@WDFx2EU8 This is a fake story. I shot this video FRIDAY 11/4/16 at @Culinary226 union hall. This is not poll workers today

So: not from a polling station, and not from Election Day.

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