This Is Not A Photo Of A Church Damaged By The Earthquake In Italy

People and news organizations have been sharing it as if it just happened.

In the aftermath of the earthquake in Italy that has killed more than 200 people, some news organizations and people circulated this photo and said it showed recent damage to an Italian church:

A news site in Peru also shared the photo on Twitter, and used it in an article.

The photo does show earthquake damage to a church in Pieve di Cento, Italy. But the image is actually from 2012.

Also, as this person pointed out on Twitter, the photo shows daylight streaming into the church. But people were circulating this image at a time when it was nightime in Italy. (The earthquake struck just after 3:30 am local time.)

Fotografia Falsa: en la iglesia entra luz por la ventana y en Italia es de madrugada foto de la derecha es verdadera

It was mostly foreign media who fell for the old image, but an Italian Twitter account with over 60,000 followers also tweeted and later deleted the photo.

Because the image spread most among Spanish-language media outlets, a Twitter account belonging to Chilean firefighters has been diligently replying to people to tell them it's an old photo.

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