People Are Falling For A Hoax About "Irish Mob Midgets" Who Went On A Crime Spree

It's actual FAKE NEWS.

A completely fake story about a "midget crime gang" running rampant in Boston is going viral on Facebook.

Two of the mugshots used in the fake story were photoshopped to make the mens' heads look larger than they are. Here are the real mugshots for those two.

The other mugshot is an unaltered image. And unlike the other two, the man in question actually is a little person.

The hoax received a boost on Facebook from local radio stations that shared it on their pages. A classic rock station in South Carolina got almost 500 shares for the story:

Facebook: ClassicRock1011

It was also posted by stations in Massachusetts and Louisiana. None of them labeled it as a hoax.

But for the most part it appears to be spreading thanks to average people posting it to their profiles. And lots of them are using it as an excuse to make terrible jokes about little people.

Facebook: 1454767564549083

In conclusion this is...

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