These 6 Easy Steps Will Help You Spot Fake News Every Time

Fake news is often engineered to appeal to your emotions, or to seem like a crazy thing that could happen.

1. Check the URL. Where is this story from?

2. Read the About page. Are they clear about who is running the site, and do they say anything about it being satirical or full of fake news?

3. If the story has a quote from someone prominent, or from an official such as a police officer, copy and paste it into a search engine.

4. Click on links in the story, and beware of a lack of links or recognizable sources.

5. Do a reverse image search on photos or other art in the story.

6. If the story seems too perfect, too good to be true, or gives you a strong emotional reaction, slow down for a moment.

You can also use our fake news checklist to evaluate any story.

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