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Mocking Lined Up Apple Addicts Is Red Hot

Samsung does it again in their latest perfectly-timed ad. But they're not the only advertiser trying to springboard off of the world's leading company.

Posted on September 20, 2012, at 3:46 p.m. ET

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Samsung yesterday released its second video set amidst the oft-mocked Apple store fanboy/girl line.

It's an improvement over the first one, for the Galaxy Note, which aired during the last Super Bowl, and was a steaming pile of overproduced crap.

The new ad better focuses on the advantages of the Galaxy S III over the iPhone. It's quite harsh on hardcore Apple users, which is fine, because they're not going to switch anyway.

But, the copy is weak. The stuff coming out of the the fanboys/girls' mouths is so forced. And how many "Samsung" mentions are jammed into the 90 seconds? I lost count.

Still, it's got a couple of zingers The money line: "This time were finally getting everything we didn't get last year." And the Samsung guy holding a spot for his parents β€” ouch, big-hurtin' put on the cool kids.

Yesterday, Sportsbet targeted Apple’s flagship store in Sydney, Australia using a lorry and crane to deliver portable toilets to fans queueing to be first to buy the iPhone 5. Sportsbet representatives offered to hold people’s place in line while they relieved themselves. (via Mumbrella).

Earlier this year, that same Sydney Apple store was targeted by this mysterious stunt, which ended up being via BlackBerry.

Also earlier this year, Kit Kat got some free publicity via this guy trolling the early adopters outside of the Amsterdam Apple store.

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