Facebook's First Major Ad Is Wickedly Overdramatic

Facebook says Facebook is like a chair. A doorbell. A dance floor. A great nation. Facebook is EVERYTHING.

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OK, very serious voiceover lady. You're depressing the living crap out of me. Are you really telling us that Facebook is humanlty's only hope against the universe—the "vast, dark universe?"

The spot is titled "The things that connect us." And it is some bombastic big agency braggadocio. I guess they feel like they've earned it: The release of the ad was timed to coincide with the site passing the one billion active user mark. Who knows how long it's been in the can.

For now, the spot lives just online.

Look for it hit TV, soon. (Two billion's the next goal.)

Ad agency: Wieden & Kennedy.

It's the Year of the Chair.

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