Come To Russia! See Our Nuclear Missiles!

Aeroflot, Russia's largest airline, is currently running a tourism billboard in Brussels that isn't very inviting.

See the beautiful Kremlin...and our kickass Topol mobile nuclear missile launchers.

The posters are currently are over the Metro in Brussels.

Said Martin Callanan, the leader of European Conservatives:

The posters were "either a mistake or a piece of poorly disguised Putin propaganda. If Aeroflot did not intend to send a political message then they should withdraw the advert. If they were acting as a proxy for Putin then the EU should make it clear that it has no intention of being intimidated."

Russian ad blog says it is unclear from the photo whether or not the missiles are nuclear. They say the weapons may be S-400 Triumph anti-aircraft missiles, and/or precision ballistic Iskander-M missiles.

Well! That would be just peachy, then. As long as they're not nukes.

Aeroflot officials and Russian diplomats in Brussels yesterday declined to comment on the posters.

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