11 Sexist Tech Ads

The latest computers come with dual-core processors and a double helping of sexism.

Spurred last week by this tweet from ASUS that pointed at a booth babe's nice ass like a horny 12-year-old (Sexism? How 'bout Unfunnyism?), the tech world is, once again, discussing the anti-female "brogrammer" (ugh) culture.

But is it so much worse in tech than other industries? I can tell you from personal experience it's pretty damn bad in advertising, too. And the good old boys network has been documented many times in finance. And sales. And so on.

But what makes tech different is that, relatively, it's a new field. So one would think that this shit wouldn't be so prevalent.

These ads don't support that thought.

1. Droid

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Droid commercial from 2009 attacking the iPhone's sexuality. A phone "that trades hairdo for can-do". Basic message: the iPhone is a pussy phone.

2. Droid Bionic

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"Stung" by the sexism charges, Verizon last year rolled out this epic sci-fi nerd-boy fantasy of a hot babe in tight armor who deflects lasers with her ample, protected rack. Well done.

3. Best Buy

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Commercial debuted during this year's Super Bowl, still running. The backlash on Twitter was immediate with cries of sexism, since all the innovators shown are men, and then the lead Best Buy sales person is a woman. I don't know about this one. But these folks want the spot pulled.

4. Microsoft Windows Office XP

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Ad from 2001, via Switzerland, was pulled the day after it was posted. A Microsoft spokeswoman was quick to say the Swiss Microsoft subsidiary produces its own advertising campaigns, which she said are typically made with "local interest and local culture in mind."

5. Go Daddy

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Then, of course, there's these spots.

6. PS3

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Now, I love me some Kevin Butler (actor Jerry Lambert), but...stupid girlfriend is stupid ("It's been two days").

7. Geeklist

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This is the behind the scenes footage of a video ad from March (that's been pulled) via Geeklist. Go to the end to see the dude make a stupid "I need new pants because I just splooged" joke. Shanley Kane, a female "geek", took to Twitter to call out Geeklist. The ensuing 140 character war (documented here) made headlines on tech blogs, and made Geeklist look like idiots.

8. Samsung

9. ITA Software

10. Compaq

11. QSOL


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