A Newspaper In Brazil Accidentally Had The Worst Ad Placement Ever

Just really, really bad timing.

Twitter user vmz80 was among the first to notice the extremely unfortunate placement of an ad in Friday's edition of Folha de São Paulo, one of the biggest newspapers in Brazil.

That's...not good.

So much NOPE.

People called the design choice "a miserable layout."

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The unfortunate coincidence happened in the national edition of the newspaper. The São Paulo edition, though, had the news from Nice spread over two pages.

The online version of the newspaper was the same as São Paulo's local edition.

@uaiteve Nem tanto. Quem tirou essa foto mexeu na paginação. Ola só como é de fato:

And according to AdNews the ad was removed for the second edition of Friday's newspaper.

BuzzFeed Brasil reached out to Folha about the ad. The newspaper declined to comment.

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