11 Most Inspiring Things Ever Published On Wikipedia

Inspiring in the sense that you didn't write them. From the Tumblr (and new book!) [Citation Needed].

On our Tumblr, [Citation Needed], we publish the best of WIkipedia's worst writing. Not surprisingly, there is a ton of it. In fact, we just released our second collection of bad Wikipedia writing, [Citation Needed] 2: The Needening.

It has over 200 of our all-time favorite entries, with our own commentary for each one, plus a foreword by Mike Nelson of RiffTrax and MST3K. You can buy it in paperback here or for kindle here (just 99 cents!)

Most of these entries are incoherent, often hilariously so. So we figured they were the perfect material for those "Inspirational" images your single aunt is always sharing on Facebook, the ones that always have more likes than you could ever amass in fifty lifetimes. These are all actual excerpts from real Wikipedia entries, and there are nearly 200 more along with our commentary in our book!

1. Cheese Sandwich

2. Hamster Ball

3. Channing Tatum

4. Disney Princess

5. Confetti

6. Evil Laughter

7. Fellatio

8. Sega Bass Fishing

9. Trash Art

10. On The Air (TV Series)

11. Hooked Bear