Kevin Spacey’s Attorneys Tried To Get His Sexual Assault Case Tossed By Discrediting His Accuser

Defense attorneys argued there wasn't enough evidence to file charges against Spacey.

Kevin Spacey’s attorneys tried to convince a judge that there wasn't enough evidence to charge him with sexually assaulting an 18-year-old in a bar because the alleged victim lacks credibility.

In an audio recording of court proceedings obtained by the Boston Globe, Spacey’s attorneys argued last week that there was little proof of a felony assault, in which the son of a local news anchor alleges that Oscar-winning actor groped him at a Nantucket bar in 2016 when he was 18.

Spacey’s attorneys reportedly argued that because the alleged victim did not initially report anything to authorities, lied about being 23 years old, and was the one who instigated the encounter, he lacked the credibility to file a case.

His attorneys also argued that the alleged victim was “so intoxicated at the time that he may have blacked out shortly after Spacey allegedly groped him.” The legal team also reportedly pointed out that a Snapchat video cited as evidence in the case only shows someone’s hand touching a shirt and also demonstrates that there was no objection to the touching.

The arguments, while ultimately unsuccessful, shed light on Spacey's likely defense strategy as the case moves forward in court.

Spacey's defense team did not immediately respond to BuzzFeed News' request for comment.

Boston TV news anchor Heather Unruh has said that her son met Spacey at the Club Car restaurant in July 2016 and was "starstruck." After an introduction, the actor allegedly bought him "drink after drink” before putting his hand down the teenager's pants and groping his genitals.

Defense attorney Alan Jackson argued that the 18-year-old didn’t try to walk away or tell Spacey to stop during the three minutes of alleged groping, the Globe reported.

The alleged victim, on the other hand, reportedly told investigators that he tried to push Spacey's hand away and move back, but the bar was too crowded.

Spacey's attorneys' efforts ultimately failed to persuade a judge that there wasn't enough evidence to file a case, and the actor was charged with indecent assault and battery. Spacey, 59, will be arraigned Jan. 7 at a Nantucket County court, where he will have the opportunity to enter a plea.

Almost simultaneously, the actor released a bizarre video on social media titled "Let Me Be Frank." In it, he appears to be in character as Frank Underwood from House of Cards and references the allegations against him.

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