A YouTuber Dramatically Described Seeing His Wife Fall Off A Cliff And — I Know, This Is Shocking — It Became A Meme


A YouTuber made a video describing what he called a traumatic, near-death experience watching his wife fall off a cliff, and people on Twitter turned "Cliff Wife" into a meme.

YouTube and Snapchat star Shonduras, aka Shaun McBride, shared the dramatic vlog this week from his Hawaii family vacation. The video catches his wife falling from a trail down to a rocky shore.

Afterward, she said she had scrapes and bruises but wasn't seriously injured. She fell 12 to 16 feet, narrowly avoiding landing on jagged rocks, Shaun McBride told BuzzFeed News. He was a few steps ahead with their daughter when he saw his wife go over the edge.

"My 3-year-old daughter, who was holding my hand, started screaming 'Mommy' and yes, it did feel like the worst moment of my entire life," he told BuzzFeed News.

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In his video, originally titled "JENNY FELL OFF A CLIFF.. scary moment for our family" (it has since been changed to "JENNY FELL OFF THE TRAIL.. scary moment for our family"), McBride and his wife, Jenny McBride, discussed why they wanted to share what they described as a life-changing event.

"We want Jenny's near-death experience to be motivation for you guys to make every single day the best day ever and make life the best ever because it can just change like that," he said.

The video, which begins with a content warning, includes Jenny tumbling from the trail after losing her footing, the aftermath as Shaun checks if she's injured, and a viewing party where the McBrides and friends watched the footage for the first time.

"I literally thought I was going to die," she said. "I'm lucky to be here and not even have a broken bone, just a really, really sore body."

It wasn't supposed to be funny, but, well, people on Twitter found it really, really funny.

Why am I sobbing laughing at that video of the wife falling off the cliff and then being interviewed about falling off a cliff. Why is this funny to me. So many things have gone into eroding my brain to make this the funniest thing ever

Shaun McBride tweeted a portion of the video, then deleted it after thousands of people reacted to it; he told BuzzFeed News he wanted to avoid misconceptions and stop any more hurtful content from being generated. Overall, the family's fans have been supportive and wished Jenny a speedy recovery, he added.

please. my wife. she fell off a cliff.

Some people said it was the latest in great internet wife content.

crying laughing alone in the car at all the different wives of online. just ruining my makeup. curvy wife, elf wife, the wife who was emailed, the wife who fell off a cliff. every day a new wife for us to guffaw about. an endless parade of wives.


Whose wife was she really?

Moby (watching some other guy’s wife fall down a cliff): oh no, my wife!

Some people thought the fall looked familiar.

Pets found it relatable.

And, well, others considered what a truly dramatic fall would look like.

please be with me and my family during this trying time. My wife fell off a cliff and then exploded

Wow, that cliff wife video is a lot scarier when they watch it from a different angle

McBride said his family tries to keep things positive, and as a dad, he felt a responsibility to include a content warning for his channel's youngest fans. Typical videos show activities with his wife and kids or antics like hoverboarding or playing video games in a hot tub.

"We set this goal a couple years ago to always try to and make every day the best day ever, and get along and do one fun thing every single day," he said in the video.

The fall video wasn't fun like their other videos, but McBride added that the experience gave his family a feeling of gratitude, and they thought it was important to share.

"This shows you that life isn't perfect and also why it's so important to always have the best day ever and a positive outlook."

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