Here’s The Weird Stuff People Are Doing To Show How Cold It Is In The Midwest

Cold enough for ya?

Dangerously cold weather hit much of the Midwest on Wednesday, as a split in the polar vortex brought arctic temperatures and icy winds.

With windchill, some areas experienced lows that felt like –50 degrees. Many schools, businesses, and government buildings closed in response to the near-record temperatures, which were expected to continue into Thursday morning.

So that meant a lot of people were home, cold, and bored. Here’s how they showed the world just how intense it really was:

They blew bubbles into ice crystals.

Scenes from #chiberia and the #2019 frozen tundra! Making frozen bubbles! #chicago #chicagoweather #cold

Played around in the cold today. #science #chiberia #polarvortex2019 #chiberia2019 #frozenbubbles #frost #scienceisfun #Chicagoweather #chicagowinter #metalmonkey #snowday #bubbles

A ton of people threw boiling water into the air...

had to do it #chiberia #chicago #Chicagoweather

...which makes snow!

@CherylScottWX Polar Vortex vs. Boiling Water in Evanston. Polar won!

Nothing else to do but a Polar vortex snow day experiment 🥶😂

Chicago? More like #Chiberia.

Took a break from science-ing indoors to casually throw boiling water off my deck, as you do #Chiberia #PolarVortex2019

Out here making the most of the polar vortex. #GlobalWarmingChallenge

Cold air is really dense, so there’s not enough room for the water vapor in steaming hot water. Instead, it clings to particles in the air and crystalizes into snow.

Note: Boiling water can burn you. Be careful, snow scientists.

This guy took it to the next level with a water gun.

#PolarVortex Or as we call it in Minnesota...Tuesday Embraced my inner 6 year old at -33F earlier today

A coffee shop added caffeine.

People took icy eyelash selfies.

Hashtag eyelash icicles. #Chiberia #PolarVortex

They froze an egg.

Eggs will freeze solid in Chicago today. Union reporters will not.

Icicles formed INSIDE.

Wanna know how cold it is in #CHICAGO? Check out the ice on the INSIDE of my windows this morning! #PolarVortex STAY WARM!

Chilly morning in #Chicago #PolarVortex

So it was time to get creative with insulation.

We made a breakthrough in insulating techniques this morning. #PolarVortex #Chicago

They ran, biked, or skied 135 miles.

Arrowhead 135 runners began their journey on Monday in Northern Minnesota in the bitter cold. "This morning - all bikers have finished. 1st female runner (Faye Norby) finished. Only 7 left on course. Here are Faye and Jeff Leuwerke finishing this AM." [Photo credit: Scott Rokis]

A golfer worked on his swing.

Had to swing in -45 chill. Rather cold:)

Boats cruised through ice.

Mesmerizing video shows a ship break ice through the #Chicago River, where temperatures are lower than -20°! #SnowSquall

T-shirts froze in minutes.

It’s a little cold in #Chiberia @barstoolWSD @barstoolcarl @RedLineRadio

Only 4 minutes outside! #frostbite #Chicago #BabyIsColdOutside

And pants stood up on their own.

Brrrrrrrreathtaking ❄️

So here is my boiling water challenge #Chiberia

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