Videos Capture Gunfire In Baton Rouge And Its Chaotic Aftermath

One woman described the gunman who fatally shot three police officers as looking like a ninja.

Witnesses captured video of the sounds of gunfire and the chaotic aftermath of the police shootings in Baton Rouge on Sunday.

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Two videos were aired by WAFB. Three police officers were killed, and three others injured in what Baton Rouge’s mayor has described as an ambush.

A witness said the officers arrived at the scene after someone already opened fire. State Police said there were only two minutes between reports of a 911 call about a man with a gun and shots being fired at the officers.

One suspect was killed. “We believe the person that shot and killed our officers that he was the person that was shot and killed at the scene,” State Police Col. State Mike Edmonson said.

In one video, police cars have already arrived around a gas station. A gunshot rings out, followed by the sounds of people shouting.

Around seven more gunshots can be heard, spaced out over a span of about 40 seconds. Then, gunfire erupts, and the video ends.

In another video, a woman stands outside the Mobil gas station after the shooting and describes what she saw.

She described the gunman as a sniper and said he was armed with a rifle.

"He has a mask on, looking like a ninja," she said.

"This man is shooting at police," she said.

She tells someone to stay away, afraid shooting could begin again. Voices raise with calls to go back, go back.

"I don't know what he's doing, what's going on," she said.