A Writer Called Out Trump's "Rage-Tweets" And Trump Tweeted Back At Him


By now, we all know that Donald Trump likes to tweet.

Happy Thanksgiving to all--even the haters and losers!

And on Wednesday, Washington Post opinion writer Greg Sargent pointed out what he said was a pattern: Many of Trump's angriest tweets are often directed at black people.

New post: Trump's rage-tweets about LaVar Ball are part of a pattern. Trump regularly attacks high-profile Africa… https://t.co/YGEQfMmQzg

Sargent said he believes it's a form of race-baiting that plays into some Trump supporters' belief that minorities get special privileges at the expense of white people.

"It is true that in some of these cases, Trump was attacked or at least criticized first," he wrote. "But it’s hard to avoid noticing a gratuitously ugly pattern in Trump’s responses, in which Trump vaguely suggests either that his targets are getting above their station, or that they’re asking for too much and are insufficiently thankful for all that has been done for them."

After Sargent called out the president for race-baiting and "rage-tweets," Trump actually responded to him with "MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!"

So did the president just rage-tweet in response to a blog criticizing his rage-tweets?

Probably not — shortly after replying to Sargent, Trump tweeted the same message to all his followers.

Here's another good explanation from the Washington Post's national correspondent:

A while back, Twitter made a UI change so if you hit the "new tweet" button while viewing a tweet, your new tweet w… https://t.co/kfU8PpKQVj

In any case, Sargent told BuzzFeed News he hopes the president will consider the points raised in the post.

"I think it's very possible that he accidentally replied, but it seems this would mean that at a minimum, he probably saw the tweet," Sargent said in an email. "And of course I hope he reads the piece.

"Whether or not he read it, which seems unlikely, I hope he will consider that many Americans are regularly dismayed and angered by his race-baiting and obvious relish of racial provocation."

The attention from the president early Thursday morning was a "jarring wake-up call," Sargent added, but so far, his mentions haven't been too crazy.

"Hopefully people are spending time with their families today, and are taking a much needed break from political Twitter!"

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