This 6-Month-Old Baby Water Skis Like It's No Big Deal

Baby Auburn Absher is the youngest water skier ever, his parents say.

Meet Auburn Absher, a 6-month-old baby who was totally chill about water skiing with his parents in North Carolina.

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At 6 months and 10 days old, Auburn is the youngest water skier in the world, his parents said.

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Another extremely talented baby, Zyla St. Onge, broke the previous record earlier this year in Florida. Zyla was slightly older at the time.

His dad, a competitive wakeboarder, built a stand on a trainer ski out of PVC pipes, then Auburn held on entirely by himself, dad Rob Absher said.

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Since Auburn was born eight weeks early, his parents weren't sure if he'd be able to water ski so young. But when he began to standing up on his own, they knew he could safely do it — first in the living room, then in the yard, Absher said.

"Eventually he ended up in the water," Absher told BuzzFeed News. "He loves getting pulled around on the ski."

Auburn made it about 30 seconds before some water splashed at his face and his mom stepped in.

Absher said he's the proudest dad in the world. And Auburn, well, he looked pretty 😎 about the whole thing.

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