The Remains Of 56 People Were Found In A Mass Grave In Mexico

The grave was discovered last year, and on Sunday, authorities in Nueva León said they had identified 24 of the victims.

A mass grave in Mexico contained the remains of 56 people, many of whom went missing in 2010, authorities said Sunday.

The grave was found in the state of Nuevo León in February 2016, and over the last year, authorities have been analyzing bone fragments and teeth to create DNA profiles of the remains, the local attorney general said. Ultimately it was determined that 56 people were buried at the foot of the Cerro del Fraile in the city of Garcia, outside of Monterrey.

Of the 56, 24 people were identified as individuals who had been reported missing in 2010, the prosecutor said. Authorities were in the process of reuniting the remains with their families. The other 32 victims have not been identified.

Their deaths date back to a time of violence between organized crime and government forces in the region, El Universal reported. The grave is believed to be where a local gang dumped its victims, the newspaper reported.

"The prosecutor's office is directing the investigation with all due attention and absolute respect to the protection of the victims and their families, taking the necessary actions so that those responsible for the crimes are sanctioned," authorities said in a statement.

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