Surge Pricing Just Started At Disneyland And Disney World

The company announced "seasonal pricing" for one-day tickets as attendance has steadily increased over the past several years.

With attendance up at Disney theme parks, the company is turning to a form of surge pricing.

Tickets for Disneyland and Walt Disney World starting Sunday vary in price depending on the day they are used. The company is using a three-tier pricing scheme with "value tickets" — generally for dates during the week outside of summer months and holidays — costing $95 for anyone age 10 and up, "regular tickets" starting at $105, and "peak tickets" starting at $119.

The company described it as seasonal pricing, aimed at spreading out visitors.

"It's an approach that you are probably familiar with from many other areas, including sports, entertainment and travel," Disney's Thomas Smith wrote on the official Disney Parks blog.

Since February 2015, a one-day ticket to Disneyland had cost $99. That was an increase from the previous price of $96.

Attendance has been up at Disney parks in recent years with the debut of new attractions tied to Star Wars and Frozen. In 2014, Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom saw 19.3 million visitors and 16.8 million visited Disneyland, the Orange County Register reported. Though 2015 theme park attendance rankings have not yet been compiled, crowds have continued to be large. At Disneyland's 60th anniversary in May, the park closed its gates in the early afternoon because it had reached capacity.

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