People Are Showing Up For Shabbat In Solidarity With Pittsburgh’s Jewish Community

“Jews were murdered, but all America has been assaulted.”

Friday evening marked the beginning of the first Shabbat, the Jewish holy day, since 11 people were killed during services at a synagogue last week in Pittsburgh.

It was the largest attack targeting Jews in US history, and in response, the American Jewish Committee invited people of all faiths to #ShowUpForShabbat.

The anti-Semite who killed 11 Jews in Pittsburgh — and who’s being treated for his wounds by a Jewish doctor! — needs to know: He won’t scare us. He won’t shake our faith. He won’t divide us as Americans. Let’s all go to a synagogue tonight or tomorrow a.m. #ShowUpForShabbat

Millions of people around the world had pledged to attend services Friday night or Saturday morning, AJC CEO David Harris told the New York Times.

“It’s grief, it’s solidarity, it’s anger, all that is motivating people,” Harris said. “Once you get beyond thoughts and prayers, here’s something tangible you could do: show up.”

The group also released a prayer for congregations and individuals to share:

“We grieve for the loss of American Jewish innocence, as the most basic of American values, our freedom of religion, has been threatened. Once more, a sanctuary has been violated, and people in prayer have been attacked.

“Jews were murdered, but all America has been assaulted.”

As dusk fell around the US, people lined up at synagogues.

So many people decided to #ShowUpForShabbat that the line wraps around the block. I’m not even sure we’ll all get in to the synagogue. So, who’s up for shacharit?

A long line of hundreds of people snaking around the block waiting to celebrate Shabbat at Central Synagogue. It is a clear show of strength and defiance of our Jewish community at a time of historic anti- Semitic violence. They only made us stronger. #ShowUpForShabbat

Line around the block to #ShowUpforShabbat

Line forming outside Sixth & I, more than an hour before services start. This is beautiful. #solidarityShabbat #ShowUpForShabbat

Synagogues prepared for large crowds and set up extra chairs.

A synagogue in Lancaster had to put out extra chairs for #ShowUpForShabbat and more people have to stand. Seats are filled with congregation members and non-Jewish people who wanted to come for support

They included Jews showing they would not be scared of anti-Semitism, as well as allies who wanted to show their support.

RIGHT NOW: Moving service at @rscpgh as people of different faiths come together. #ShowUpForShabbat #StrongerThanHate

I’m at @rodefshalom in #Pittsburgh, responding 2 their invitation 2 #ShowUpForShabbat. The sanctuary is filling up. We witness 2 r common #prayer that the world become a better place. #PittsburghShooting will not stop us loving r neighbor, a moral, not a geographic, concept.

It was about responding to hate with love, Jewish leaders in Philadelphia told crowds.

“We respond with boundless love.” Words during service at Rodeph Shalom about senseless hatred. #showupforshabbat @NBCPhiladelphia

Outside one New York synagogue, Muslim women greeted the congregation with messages of love and peace.

Happening NOW! Muslims showing their support for the Jewish community outside of @CBST #SolidarityShabbat #ShowUpForShabbat #PrayForPittsburgh #StandWithPittsburgh #NeverIsNow

A huge group of non-Jewish friends greeted us outside synagogue tonight. I can't believe how beautiful this is. #showupforshabbat

The AJC directed people who couldn’t attend in person to the livestream of New York’s Central Synagogue, where hundreds more participated.

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