Shia LaBeouf Reportedly Injured His Girlfriend During A Fight In Germany

Bystanders reportedly broke up a fight between LaBeouf and actress Mia Goth, with one man telling a German tabloid LaBeouf later said he would have killed her.

Transformers star Shia LaBeouf was involved in a violent fight with his girlfriend, British actor Mia Goth, in Germany on Friday, the newspaper Bild reported.

Goth, 22, was in Tubingen, Germany, on Friday to film an upcoming horror movie.

She and the 29-year-old LaBeouf, who are rumored to be engaged, were screaming at each other as they exited a taxi outside a hotel, German media reported.

One witness told Bild that Goth was pulling on LaBeouf's backpack for him to stay, and LaBeouf told her that he did not want to become aggressive with her. LaBeouf appeared to be under the influence, the witness said.

After breaking up the fight, a group of locals drove LaBeouf to the airport, Bild reported. While in the car, he allegedly said that if he had stayed, he would have killed Goth, the tabloid reported.

The fight left him with an injured hand, possibly from punching a wall, and Goth was seen the following day with a black eye, Pure Stars reported.

Representatives for LaBeouf and Goth were not immediately available for comment.

A video posted by Entertainment Tonight on Monday of the incident seems to back up the German media reports.

In the video, LaBeouf is heard saying he doesn't want to "hit a woman" before struggling with Goth for his bag. He then enters a cab, where he proceeds to vent to the driver.

“If I’d have stayed there, I would have killed her,” he said. LaBeouf later laments about his relationship, according to Entertainment Tonight. At one point in the video, LaBeouf also tries to Facetime his former co-star Megan Fox.

The cab driver eventually takes him to the airport, though he offers to take LaBeouf to the hospital for a hand injury. He declined, but thanked the driver for "saving his life."

“This is a contract. You come to Los Angeles, I’ll pick you up in my car, you come and stay at my house,” LaBeouf said.

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