Reports: White House Fence Jumper Made It To The East Room

The Washington Post reported that Omar Gonzalez overpowered one Secret Service agent and ran through much of the White House's first floor on Sept. 19.

The man who jumped a fence and ran into the White House earlier this month made it farther past security measures than previously known, the Washington Post reported on Monday.

Omar Gonzalez overpowered a Secret Service officer, according to the Post report. An alarm box near the White House front entrance should have alerted the Secret Service to lock doors, but the alarm was muted.

Gonzalez overpowered a female Secret Service officer at the entrance, then ran through the first floor, CBS News reported. He was tackled near the Green Room.

Initially, officials said Gonzalez had been stopped near the White House entrance. The new reports show he ran through much of the first floor.

Wash Post reports WH intruder made it deeper into 1st floor thru East Room.

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Wash Post reports WH intruder made it deeper into 1st floor thru East Room.

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The 42-year-old Army veteran was carrying a knife and had 800 rounds of ammunition in his car, prosecutors said during a court appearance last week. The Obamas were not at home at the time of the Sept. 19 incident, which took place minutes after the president and his daughters left White House for Camp David.

Members of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee are scheduled to question the Secret Service's director about security on Tuesday.