People Are Loving How Happy Justin Trudeau Looked At Toronto Pride

He was the first Canadian prime minister to march in the parade.

Justin Trudeau made history as the first Canadian prime minister to march in a pride parade on Sunday in Toronto.

But Trudeau didn't just walk in the parade — he looked like he had the best damn time.

Prime Minister #JustinTrudeau at #PrideTO parade

It made people proud to be Canadian.

My prime minister makes me happy ❤️🙏🏽🍁 @JustinTrudeau you're a champ! #HappyPride

He WAVED that rainbow maple leaf flag.

Our Prime Minister, everyone. 💚❤💙💛💜 #Pride

He just looked so happy to be there.

@JustinTrudeau best prime minister ever! #TorontoPrideParade

Total dad, amirite?

tfw u see justin trudeau at the pride parade.... DAD feeling blessed

Smiles everywhere.

Someday very soon my head is going to explode bc of how great Justin Trudeau is godDaMN

Just not-so-casually making history.

"Proud," Trudeau later wrote on Twitter.


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