Melania Trump's Twitter Account Liked A Pretty Shady Tweet About Her Husband

"Seems the only #Wall @realDonaldTrump's built is the one between him and @FLOTUS #Melania #trump"

Progressive writer Andy Ostroy tweeted a joke on Tuesday about President Trump that went over pretty well with his followers.

Seems the only #Wall @realDonaldTrump's built is the one between him and @FLOTUS #Melania #trump

But one of the accounts that liked it was just a liiiiittle closer to the situation than the others.


That's right, the verified @melaniatrump account liked a tweet calling her marriage troubled with the viral Sad Melania reaction gif from President Trump's inauguration.


The tweet was unliked within about an hour.

People were shook.

And they wondered if she was trying to send us a message.

Cry for help or is the First Lady being petty?

Of course, the First Lady hasn't used the @melaniatrump account since her husband's victory.

Lately, she's been using the @FLOTUS account (which, btw, has no likes at all.)

Our family truly enjoyed hosting today's #EasterEggRoll. Thank you to all of the volunteers who worked hard to make…

On Wednesday, a spokeswoman told BuzzFeed News that the First Lady "wasn't aware of any of this until I brought it to her attention." However, she did not respond to a question about who else might have used her old Twitter account.