Love Locks Are Weighing Down The Brooklyn Bridge

New York City's Department of Transportation cut 450 locks from the bridge on Monday. Love's labour's lost.

New York officials cut 450 "love locks" off the Brooklyn Bridge on Monday as the city became the latest to grapple with the weighty issue.

DOT removed 450 #BrooklynBridge #LoveLocks today; that's another 75lbs of waste headed to landfill :( #NoLoveLocks!

The cutesy sentiments weighed in at 75 pounds, according to the Department of Transportation, creating a potential hazard on the more than 200-year-old historic landmark.

The department has made cutting down locks a part of its weekly maintenance; since 2013 officials estimate they've removed more than 16,000 of them.

A department spokesperson asked visitors to refrain from leaving anything behind on city bridges to help keep them in good repair.

"We remove locks from the bridge as part of our routine maintenance, but we strongly discourage visitors from leaving locks on our bridges as it poses a danger to the infrastructure and the cars traveling below," the official said.

The tradition of couples to become "locked in love" has caused trouble in Paris, where it began.

But the lovers' glee — and possibly their totes adorbs photos on social media — has been contagious. Love locks have come to Frankfurt:




So these probably aren't the last love locks we'll see on the Brooklyn Bridge.

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