Leslie Jones Is Officially Going To Rio For The Olympics


So by now you've probably seen that comedian Leslie Jones has THE BEST tweets on the Olympics.

Well it was real y'all see y'all tomorrow!!

We can't show you the ones where she's giving commentary along with her TV, but please, do yourself a favor and check them out.

In fact, the SNL and Ghostbusters star's coverage from her couch was so good that NBC invited her to come to Rio.

@shoemakermike OK @Lesdoggg you're officially invited to Rio. Want to come?

Jones considered the offer.

So the question is....should I go? Hmmm

And on Monday, she announced she's doing it!

"Guess who's going to Rio," Jones sang to her followers.


We gonna win everything I'm telling you!! I AM AMERICAN SPIRIT!! USA!! USA!!

Jones will be in Rio by Friday and will work with NBC as a contributor, the network confirmed to BuzzFeed News.

She'll attend events including swimming, track and field, gymnastics, and beach volleyball. She'll also meet athletes and appear in NBC's on-air as well as online coverage.

“We’re thrilled to have Leslie come to the Olympics,” Jim Bell, the NBC Olympics executive producer who invited her via Twitter, said in a statement. “She’s a member of the family, and her passion for the Olympics is remarkable.”

Jones vowed to keep sharing the Olympics with fans her way — U👏S👏A👏U👏S👏A👏

You guys I'm gonna show y'all everything lmao!! Good and bad!! Hopefully it's all good! SO EXCITED!! USA!USA!!

And we're so excited too!

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