Here's How People Celebrated Pride Around The World

Cities including New York, Mexico City, and Paris showed their LGBT pride over the weekend with marches and festivals.

People around the world celebrated LGBT Pride on Saturday and Sunday, flooding streets with marches and parties.

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Here's what the festivities looked like in New York City, with video from BuzzFeed News:

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BuzzFeed News was live at New York City's pride march.

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These signs are posted in subway stations across New York.

These signs were all over the subways

Several protesters were arrested after forming a human chain and blocking the parade.

Twelve protestors arrested at Stonewall for disrupting #NYCPride2017. They were protesting participation of corpora…

They were protesting the participation of police in the event.

During New York's festivities, Gov. Andrew Cuomo revealed the design for a new monument to honor the LGBT community and the victims of the Pulse nightclub shooting:

We’re unveiling the design for NY's official monument honoring the LGBT community and those lost in the Pulse night…


#Chicagopride marriage proposal from a balcony overlooking the parade

Tribute to the Pulse Orlando victims at the #Chicagopride parade

Marchers paid tribute to the Pulse nightclub shooting victims. "With pride and pain for the Puerto Rican LGBTQ community in Orlando," one sign read.

Happy Pride, Chicago! Stand proud and shout loud! #ChicagoPrideParade #chicagopride

San Francisco

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Elijah Nouvelage / Getty Images


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Barcroft Media / Getty Images


@JustinTrudeau and family marching in the Toronto #pride parade #prideto #pride2017

Mexico City

Eduardo Verdugo / AP
Henry Romero / Reuters
Eduardo Verdugo / AP

Guatemala City, Guatemala

Moises Castillo / AP

Belgrade, Serbia

Darko Vojinovic / AP
Darko Vojinovic / AP

St. Louis, Missouri

The mayor, police chief and sheriff are among those front and center as the STL #pride parade prepares to start.

San Salvador, El Salvador

Jose Cabezas / Reuters
Jose Cabezas / Reuters

Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minnesota


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David Carbajo / Getty Images
David Carbajo / Getty Images



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