Here's How Cuban-Americans Are Reacting To The Death Of Fidel Castro

Generations of refugees who settled in Miami and beyond are celebrating the death of the revolutionary guerrilla and longtime communist leader.

Cuban-Americans took to the streets early Saturday morning to mark the death of Fidel Castro, jubilantly celebrating the end of — what was for many — a painful chapter of history.

With its large population of Cuban exiles, Castro was a controversial figure in Miami, scorned for his repressive rule of the island nation.

Miami-Dade County Mayor Carlos Gimenez tweeted Saturday morning that the historic news of Castro's death would especially be felt by "thousands of Miami-Dade residents who were personally affected by his cruel and brutal dictatorship."

He urged residents who wished to demonstrate against Castro to do so peacefully.

Early this morning, I learned of Fidel Castro's death. His passing closes a very painful chapter for Cubans on the..

Celebrations began spilling out into the streets of Miami late on Friday night, shortly after Castro's death was announced on Cuban state television.

MORE: Cuban-Americans react with cheers, song, and dance as news spreads about Fidel Castro's death. @nbc6

Outside Versailles restaurant in Miami's Little Havana, people honked horns and cheered.

Miami's Cuban community gathers at the famed Versailles restaurant in celebration of the death of Fidel Castro.

Champagne popping in front of Versailles in Little Havana #FidelCastro #Cuba

Some grabbed their pots and pans to make a joyful noise.

And the cacerolas have arrived (pots and pans) as Miami's Cuban community celebrates Fidel Castro's death

Starting to be a real crowd outside Versailles in Little Havana, cars stopping to honk and cheer "Cuba Libre!" (And…

A guy in a Donald Trump costume showed up.

#BREAKING Reaction in Little Havana @nbc6

Many thought of their grandparents and older relatives who had originally fled the communist regime.

When my almost 80 year old parents in Miami wake up tomorrow... their personal nightmare will have closed a significant chapter

It finally happened. First thought? My Abuelo, who spent time in jail for speaking out against the Cuban govt, didn't live to see this day.

"The world is lighter today," one grandfather said.

My grandfather-who lost everything in Cuba- I told him, he was quiet then said "The world is lighter today. Thank you for waking me. Ñio!"

Others went to raise a glass.

Cuban friends telling me parents are crying of relief, one is going to buy champagne now. One's parents saved a bottle to drink when he died

My mom had a bottle saved as well. Unfortunately she didn't get to see this day. Thankful for my freedom because of…

@Carrasquillo busting out the good whiskey. The fam is lit but we won’t wake my grandmother until the morning with the news.

There was shock...

And hope for a democratic future in Cuba.

We must seize the moment and help write a new chapter in the history of #Cuba; that of a Cuba that is free, democratic, and prosperous.

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