The "Godzilla Vs. Kong" Trailer Is Out So Pick Your Side Now

"What's a King to a God?"

The trailer for the latest movie in the MonsterVerse, Godzilla vs. Kong, was released on Sunday, and fans were ready for a preview of the epic battle.

Will humanity survive a clash of the titans? Watch the official trailer for #GodzillavsKong, coming to theaters and streaming exclusively on HBO Max.

Twitter: @hbomax

With many theaters closed because of the coronavirus pandemic, the film begins streaming on HBO Max on March 26.

Twitter: @4eyedRaven

People were ready to see the two massive monster legends take each other on.

Godzilla vs Kong 🔥🔥 THIS MOVIE LOOKS WILD

Twitter: @BrandonDavisBD
Twitter: @GodzillaLets

Team Kong showed their support for the gorilla king.

#GodzillaVsKong 🦍🖤 Kong, the Eighth Wonder of the World 🔥

Twitter: @VmkMadhan93

"Kong bows to no one" #GodzillaVsKong

Twitter: @4eyedRaven

The way Kong is going to claim his title as KING. #GodzillavsKong

Twitter: @x_warinmymind

Looked to me like Godzilla wasn’t getting any hits in #GodzillaVsKong

Twitter: @alexisjreports

Though Godzilla's powers of destruction got some love too.

#TeamGodzilla WHERE Y’ALL AT?! #GodzillavsKong

Twitter: @miregoji326

What’s a King to a God? #TeamGodzilla

Twitter: @TDesh10

And is that...Mechagodzilla??

@IGN 10000000% that’s MechaGodzilla

Twitter: @TreyMichaelPea1

But everyone agreed that the movie looks flat-out gorgeous.

Godzilla vs Kong looks fucking amazing

Twitter: @ThatBmanGuy

The Monsterverse looks better than ever #GodzillaVsKong

Twitter: @Space_Dragon14

The monster verse has some of the most beautiful looking movies out there #GodzillaVsKong

Twitter: @keileykaiser

The aesthetics 👀 #GodzillaVsKong

Twitter: @jasonkilar

May the best monster win 💪

Twitter: @faemothra

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