Millions Of Gamers Watched "Fortnite" Blow Up Its Map, And No One Knows What's Next

RIP Fortnite — for now, anyway.

Millions of people watched online game Fortnite blow up its map then fade to a black hole in a live event on Sunday.

More than 5.5 million people watched the event, titled "The End," on YouTube and Twitch. Hundreds of thousands then stayed glued to their screens for another hour to watch all that remained of the game, a softly pulsating black hole.

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The game was in its 10th season, and each has brought changes.

Looks like Apple has leaked a promotional image for Season 11 on the Italian Apple Store. From the looks of it, we’re getting a new map.

A countdown had led up to Sunday's event, which some people guessed would lead to the official beginning of Season 11. An apparent leaked image on the Italian version of the App Store also suggested a new map was coming as part of something called Chapter 2. But no one knows exactly when the game will come back, or what it will look like.

That left a lot of fans with nothing to do but wait, and many shared their anxiety on Twitter.

me during the Fortnite live event then finding out Fortnite is now having permanent downtime. RIP Fortnite

7 year olds when they see RIP Fortnite trending #RIPFortnite

The waiting was really the hardest part.

Me watching the Fortnite event begin Vs Me an hour later still staring at a black hole #FortniteChapter2

2 million people staring at a back hole for an hour #Fortnite

And some young players were totally freaking out.

@FortniteGame My son’s reaction rip fortnite

@FortniteGame look what u made my brother do

THEN Fortnite deleted all of its tweets, and people really had no idea what was going on.

fortnite is having a 14 year old existential crisis

But other people focused on what they were sure was coming next: a new season, a new map...right??

TFW #Fortnite #Season11 is just moments away from launching.

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