The Winner Of Eurovision Denied Doing Cocaine On Live TV And Said He'll Take A Drug Test

Rock 'n' roll never dies.

Italian rock band Måneskin won the Eurovision Song Contest on Saturday, beating out acts from 39 countries that included pop queens, metalheads, and a group that went viral on TikTok.

As the glam rockers sat offstage and waited for the results, though, viewers noticed that lead singer Damiano David looked like he was getting the party started early. As his bandmates cheered and waved the Italian flag, David ducked his head in a motion that lots of people said looked like he was about to do a line of cocaine — on live TV.

Some people found it hilarious.

Covid-free but not cocaine-free… 😂 #Eurovision #Eurovision2021 #Italy

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Voting lines have closed. Cocaine lines on Italy’s table have only just begun. #eurovision

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Doing cocaine /lines live on national tele. And we are the ones getting 0 points 😂😂😂 #Eurovision2021 #Italy

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And others (particularly fans of the runner-up, France) called for Italy to be disqualified.

Not on Twitter France trending “italiens” and “cocaine” they really thought maneskin’s singer was doing drugs on world live broadcastig 😭😭😭😭 yall so stupid

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In a press conference after their victory, David said that what the video actually shows is him reacting to his bandmate breaking a glass.

"I don't use drugs. Please, guys," he said. "Please don't say that, really."

And in fact, photos show broken glass on the floor.

To everyone who keeps saying Damiano was using drugs: here's the proof that Thomas really broke that glass as they said in the Press Conference. LET'S SHARE THIS PLEASE #Eurovision #maneskin

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The European Broadcasting Union, which organizes the song contest every year, said in a statement that it could confirm that broken glass was found around the band's table.

"The band, their management and head of delegation have informed us that no drugs were present in the Green Room and explained that a glass was broken at their table and it was being cleared by the singer," the statement said. "The EBU can confirm broken glass was found after an on site check."

Rock’n’roll never dies, tonight we made history. We love u. @Eurovision #EUROVISION

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Now back in Italy, David has offered to take a drug test to prove he was clean during the show. Eurovision organizers said they're still reviewing all the footage and will provide more information as it's available.

Oh, so you think you are cool but have you ever heard of Damiano David? #maneskin #Eurovision

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