Black People Would Like Donald Trump To Know They Don't All Live In The Inner City

"These generalizations need to stop."

During Sunday's presidential debate, a black man asked how Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton would represent all Americans. Trump responded by talking about the inner cities.

"I would be a president for all of the people," Trump said. "African-Americans, the inner cities. Devastating what's happening to our inner cities."

Black Twitter users wanted Trump to know they don't all live in the "inner cities."

An elderly black man asks if Trump can be a devoted president to all the people. Trump responds as if that man must live in the inner city.

ALL BLACK PEOPLE DO NOT LIVE IN THE INNER CITY. And btw, your need to define "inner city" as hell? YOU ARE A RACIST IDIOT! #Debates2016

Im black and not from an inner city. These generalizations need to stop. Trump knows nothing about black people.

How come when trump says inner city he talks about black people. I don't live in the inner city #msnbc

I am an African American and I am not from the inner city Mr. Trump. #debate

Omarosa please tell Donald Trump all black people don't live in the inner city! #debate

The only time Trump refers to African Americans is in the inner city. African Americans are not just in the inner cities. No clue. #debate

Every time Trump talks about black folks it's always inner city and violence. Is that all you see when you see us? Sheesh #debate

All African Americans are not from the "inner city". Just another example of Trump's racist mindset #PresidentialDebate

But then again, maybe Trump does know a thing or two about the inner city.

Trump Tower is located in the inner city. It is pretty terrible. #Manhattan #IJS

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