A Prank Caller Convinced Workers To Smash A Burger King's Windows

The prank in Coon Rapids, Minnesota, isn't the first time workers have been tricked into damaging fast food restaurants.

Workers at a Minnesota Burger King smashed its windows after a caller said the building would otherwise explode.

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A video posted on YouTube appears to show the employees smashing a series of windows at the Burger King.

Police are investigating Saturday's incident, the Associated Press reported, and the estimated amount of damage was not immediately known.

The caller claimed to be with the fire department and told employees there had been a gas leak, the Star Tribune reported. He said the build up of gas would cause an explosion if the windows of the building weren't broken.

The store's manager and employees evacuated the building, then systematically broke each window, the Star Tribune reported.

It wasn't the first time fast food workers were tricked into smashing out windows.

Earlier this week, a similar prank call in Oklahoma led workers to do $10,000 in damage to a Burger King.

And in February, workers at a California Burger King caused $35,000 in damages after receiving another prank call about a gas leak.

Fast food restaurants in Arizona have also reported receiving similar calls earlier this year, the AP reported.

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